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Re: enough already

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 20:32:48 -0400 Tyler Kerr <tylerkerr@comcast.net>

>Being the cunning teenager
> that I am, I subtly joined this list,
> where I can harass you guys all I
> want! *cackle*

> I can't see why other kids can't
> just lean back, relax, and just
> try and learn the info for themselves
> by just surfing the list
> like I do. Point being, if kids try to
> work a little harder,
> they can learn the stuff they want
> by just surfing the web
> instead of emailing
> people like crazy.

Well sure, but not everyone has the insight of the average DML member! 

But you raise a good point.  Actually, this is not a problem with the
kids themselves.  The problem instead is with a few good intentioned but
totally clueless teachers who are unaware of the power of science mailing
lists when used as a part of science curricula.

A post to the DML is the same as a science press conference with real
live scientists, with the student playing the roll of a news reporter! 
Now, think about this......How cool is THAT for a 6th grader?!