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Re: enough already

The real culprits, as Phil Bigelow said, are often well-intentioned teachers 
who ask students to contact scientists or writers and ask them questions. I've 
heard a number of children's book writers complain about "contact your favorite 
writer" assignments that fill their mailboxes. Most of us don't mind the 
occasional question, particularly thoughtful ones. But rote assigned questions 
are a different matter. -- Jeff Hecht

At 9:23 PM -0400 8/29/05, MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
>Granted, if one enters "dinosaur paleontology career" in Google, one  gets:
>and the  first paleontologist is he who must not be named.
>But we do have  permission:
>However, there  are other sites which may have been visited by kids with a 
>career  assignment:
>Tom  Holtz cannot be found at our dinosaur FAQs site, but is  at:
>Since  both Jim and Tom are on the same website above, it is clear that the 
>Dinosaur  Interplanetary Gazette is the culprit. This site has been defunct 
> years, so it may be difficult to have the information removed.  
>For our (blameless) site, we could use unattributed quotes, call him "the  
>masked paleontologist," or say that interviews are available for $10,000 and