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Re: Follow-up: the truth about killer dinosaurs

> Unless I'm mistaken, when WWD was produced there was
>  still a problem 
> representing feathers and hair using cgi. DV

Feathers etc are very expensive to render and
difficult to animate. In the breakthrough days of WWD
this sort of animation was barely possible at all, and
certainly not within the programme's budget. In our
new productions we can (and do) have some
integument-clad dinos... but that said there is no
fossil evidence of T. rex having integument, and I
would argue that it was rather a large animal to have
required any sort of insulation. You might expect the
opposite in fact.

Comparisons between the JP series and Disney's Dismal
movie (my personal opinion, not that of impossible
pictures I should add) are flattering but
inappropriate. WWD had a tiny budget compared to these
movies, and actually delivered as many CGI dinosaur
minutes as any of the above as standalones (JP1
famously contained only a few minutes of actual dino
CGI footage, perhaps directorial masterstroke from

It is also unfair to compare the now 6 year old
animation of WWD with more recent shows, especially
considering that WWD really did re-write the books
concerning the affordability of long CGI sequences,
previously only available on a hollywood budget.

Oh, and if anyone missed the lips on Disney's
Iguanodon, I guess you missed the massive incisors
too. A horse's head on a dinosaur's body. And let's
not forget those endless fields of grass gently
swaying in the breeze...  It's a kids film, fair
enough. I watched some of it on a trans-atlantic but
it was so unbearable I had to switch off.


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