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Re: Follow-up: the truth about killer dinosaurs

Must admit I never noticed the Iguanodon lips - I'll have to watch it again.

It has lips above the beak. That said, we've just been informed that it's not a beak in the first place... I haven't seen the film...

One thing puzzles me though - WWD was supposed to be scientifically accurate
but took a very conservative view of the science,

Blaming volcanic gases and the occasional naughty mammal for everything is not conservative. It's regressive. Filmed in some lava fields in the Andes! Hell Creek Fm! Lava fields! AAARGH!!!

And then, in WWB, the explanation for the marine Eocene-Oligocene boundary mass extinction: ...mmm... basically, it was destiny that everything would decline.

whilst WDR took the opposite approach and put feathers on everything.

_This_ is conservative. (Even though it wouldn't have been 10 years ago.)

But if it was just about satisfying the public view,
WWD was very light on gratuitous dinosaur violence.

True! :-)