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Re: SPAM:Re: Follow-up: the truth about killer dinosaurs

Dear Dan and List,

    The feathering animation in WDRA was still pretty primitive, compared to
the newest CGI techniques. Of all the CGI " dino  documentaries " out there,
my favorite is still When dinosaurs roamed America, for two great reasons.
First, they got the Allosaurus head crests right, and secondly, it paid the
down payment on my home.

15 year at 5.75 percent Cliff
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> << One thing puzzles me though - WWD was supposed to be  scientifically
> accurate
> but took a very conservative view of the science,  whilst WDR took the
> opposite approach and put feathers on everything.  >>
> Unless I'm mistaken, when WWD was produced there was  still a problem
> representing feathers and hair using cgi. DV