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Taxon Search

U've been really busy the last few days, so apologies if this was already presented to the list...

Sereno's database of proposed clades is up in a provisional form that covers stem archosaurs. It's quite useful for finding the phylogenetic definitions that have been proposed for clades.

However, I have issues with which clades are presented as "active". It's basically the clades Sereno uses. So Tyrannoraptora is active, despite having an uncertain content (does it include compsognathids? Ornitholestes? arctometatarsalians?) and being rarely used in the literature outside of Sereno's works. But Carnosauria is inactive, because he prefers to use Allosauroidea in order to avoid historical baggage and because non-allosauroid carnosaurians are disputed. Despite the widespread use of Carnosauria, in such influential works as The Dinosauria 2nd ed.. Similarly, Eusaurischia is inactive seemingly because Sereno thinks proposed non-eusaurischian saurischians are theropods. But one point of phylogenetic nomenclature is that is works with alternative topologies. Just because one person finds a clade to be taxonomically redundant does not mean it should be made inactive. Ornithuromorpha is inactive, while Euornithes is active, which I don't think reflects the frequency of their use in publications.

Regardless, it's also useful for learning the revised definitions to be published by Sereno in his upcoming JVP article. He seems to have made Unenlagiinae more useful, for instance. See Taxon Search for yourself here- http://www.taxonsearch.org/

Mickey Mortimer