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Re: Wikipedia and Wikispecies

Wikipedia is basically free knowledge for everyone, by everyone; it is
an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anybody.  For example, in
the first paragraph of the entry on Tyrannosaurus rex, the article
mentions that T. rex is poorly known and rare at only 20 specimens as
of 2001.  "Only?"  I know there are listmembers, both professional and
amateur, who would have something to say about that!

Note to potential contributors: Do NOT restrain yourselves. Many articles already contain more details than anyone of us would ever want to know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Emperors_of_the_Ming_Dynasty is a good example, especially if you follow a few links.

Further, there is Wikispecies, which is an attempt to catalogue every
known species to have ever existed, for anybody to access.  This is a
big task, but there is so much knowledge on this list that it would
seem much smaller.

IMNSHO they should merge with the Tree of Life http://tolweb.org/tree as soon as possible. Superphylum Radiata -- horror!!!