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Velociraptorinae & Dromaeosaurinae

I recently came across a message sent earlier to the list:


Re: Dromaeosaurinae?

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--- Soto-Nuñez <soto@adinet.com.uy> wrote:
> Dear List,
> Can someone give me the reference for the subfamily "Dromaeosaurinae"
> author in proposing the name and year)?
> I would appreciate any help. Also some current definitions will be most
> helpful.

The main difference betwen Velociraptorinae and Dromaeosaurinae is stated
to be
the teeth.


Anyone knows more on this topic? What is that difference in the teeth?
Some PDFs on Velociraptor & Dromaeosaurus would also be useful.
Maybe there's more info on the web?
Thanks in advance.

Filip Milovanovic