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Can't find some pics?

Hi All -
     I swear I remember seeing a painting once of a bunch of small, 
_Coelophysis_-like theropods ambulating across a mudflat.  It was supposed to 
be a restoration of a Newark Supergroup (earliest Jurassic) scence, IIRC.  
However, I cannot for the life of me find it!  Similarly, I also swear I recall 
seeing a simple schematic diagram of a _Troodon_ head in outline form with the 
brain restored in shaded form inside -- can't find that either!  Can anyone 
point me to either or both of these pictures (i.e., what book, paper, etc., 
they are in) -- and, if they exist on-line, an URL?  (Google's Image Search 
doesn't produce anything very useful in either case...)  They'd be perfect for 
a couple of presentations I'm assembling at present.  Many, many thanks in 
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