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Re: 215th anniversary of G. A. Mantell's birth today and is really *Bruhatkayosaurus* just a fossilized tree trunk

I'd translate the sig line as 'Every animal delights itself.' Right?

> Good day,
> I guess most of people don't recall this date and so I said to myself that it 
> wouldn't be bad idea at all to make a notice of it. Dr. Mantell is by far the 
> most important dinosaur hunter of the first half of the 19th Century. All 
> praises to him.
> I'd also like to make myself things clear in the matter of a 3 meters long 
> femur/tree trunk controversy. Anythink new? Is S. Chaterjee working on it or 
> does he have it in plan in the near or far future? Thank you, in advance, Vlad
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