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Avian brain project details

For anyone who didn't get a copy of the New York Times article on avian
intelligence, I've got a copy with other newspaper articles on the same work
that I got through my state library online database access.

I ferretted out the details on this work and how to find more informaiton.
The work is by an international group called the Avian Brain Nomenclature
Consortium, to appear in the February 2005 Nature Reviews Neuroscience.
Just what is to appear is apparently some sort of manifesto.

The members of the consortium include neuroscientist Erich Jarvis, Duke
University; Evan Balaban, behavioral neuroscientist, McGill University,
Montreal; Tony Reiner, neuroscientist, University of Tennessee; Irene
Pepperburg, comparative psychologist, Harvard's Radcliffe Institute for
Advanced Studies; and Alex Cacelnik, University of Oxford, didn't get her

Details of their work and proposals are at http://avianbrain.org.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas