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Re: Jurassic Park 4

Well, I found the story on aintitcoolnews which is technically a rumor site. 
One would expect the script to go through numerous rewrites given that they 
likely want the thing to be a summer blockbuster. That being said...I would 
probably pay to see it even if the dinosaurs turn out to be hyperintelligent 
mercenary hybrid dinosaurs..IN SPACE!!!(Though I would like to see Dale Russel 
involved given that he pioneered the whole sentient dinosaur thing back in 
1980's. One can never have too many dinosauroids.) 

I wonder if this story is a hoax? I find it hard to believe that
Universal would pay to have this movie made as it written now. If the
studio does make the movie I can see how JP 5 will go:
The genetically altered dinos, tired of humans, build a space ship, leave
earth and colonize another planet! Dinos in Space!