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Re: Dragons on Animal Planet March 20

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Subject: Dragons on Animal Planet March 20

> Of course this is not quite on-topic, but the creators of "Walking With
> Dinosaurs" are taking on dragons in a program which will be called (what
> else?) "Dragons."
> Of interest to our list is the take that bipedal dragons inhabited the
> Cretaceous and evolved into flying dragons by the Late Cretaceous.  I
> suppose you'll have to watch the show to learn how we got four legged
> dragons with wings, requiring the addition of two appendages to the
> traditional tetrapod model.  Do dragons constitute a monophyletic taxon?
> See the show to find out.

 *curious*  does this, perhaps, perchance, relate to the book about a
Natural History of dragons and unicorns?  (I can't recall the exact title,
so I didn't use quotation marks).