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Re: Jurassic Park 4

Mesosuchus@aol.com wrote:

<You were lucky not to read the first novel. For me, the whole novel felt
like it was just a exercise to cash in on more huge JP dollars. Nothing
felt I read seemed truely inspired like with the first novel. The story
meandered everywhere and the plot...was there a real plot? It just seemed
that he took a whole bunch of rejected ideas of the first novel and fused
them together to get a flimsy book where all the dinosaurs get "mad cow
disease" (damn you Prions!!!). Personally I thought T rex attached San
Diego was a major improvement.>

  Well, not to rain on anyone's parade here, but the book was written
prior to the movie, and was out a full year before the movie was released.
The movie was formulated when Spielberg read Crichton's script when he was
finalizing the novel, and then Crichton was contracted to re-pen the ms
into a movie script. However, the movie was in no way an attempt to "cash
in" on the movie in anyway, and this should be made very clear to readers
of the novel. The message of the book is a slightly different one from the
movie, in that the book involved plotlines of a more complex (dare I say,
chaotic?) nature than the movie did, for the sake of a 2 hour theater
experience. I read both novels before I saw the movies that resulted from
them. Crichton, however, admited that the popularity of the first movie
DID prompt him to write the second book, though his storyline was based on
the ending of the first book (dinosaurs were exterminated by holocaust
proportions from Isla Nublar after an abortive attempt to pilot a boat to
the mainland) than it was the plot of the first movie.

  Keep history in mind....


Jaime A. Headden

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