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Re: A Sauropod named Maverick

Demetrios Vital (demetrios.vital@gmail.com) wrote:
<I recall the mention of the tightness of giraffe skin as relevant to its
blood pressure in the context of discussing sauropod physiology, though I
can't remember where.  It may have been in the Scientific American Book of
Dinosaurs edited by GSP, and if I had it with me right now, I would

  Demetrios would be correct, since this is mentioned in Per
Christiansen's article on Dinosaur Biomechanics (64-75) on page 73 (third
paragraph, last two sentences). The subsequent discussion is about the
comparison of a sauropod to a giraffe, but primary research is not in
evidence, so we may still have to wait for non-anecdotal data (no insult
meant to Christiansen).


Jaime A. Headden

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