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Dragons on Animal Planet March 20

Hi all,

> Of course this is not quite on-topic, but the creators of "Walking With
> Dinosaurs" are taking on dragons in a program which will be called (what
> else?) "Dragons."
> Of interest to our list is the take that bipedal dragons inhabited the
> Cretaceous and evolved into flying dragons by the Late Cretaceous.  I suppose
> you'll have to watch the show to learn how we got four legged dragons with
> wings, requiring the addition of two appendages to the traditional tetrapod
> model.  Do dragons constitute a monophyletic taxon? See the show to find out.
> http://animal.discovery.com/convergence/dragons/dragons.html
> It looks like a fun show, but paleontologists and docents should brace
> themselves, as spectators of this material may require debriefings to set them
> straight on certain aspects of the fossil record.
This show was already shown here in Germany in December.

The dragons are nice (indeed, very nice, sometimes), and they tried to
adapt them to the region (chinese woodragons look like those in chinese
culture, etc.) but prepare to have everything you ever knew about how
paleontologists work being upset - the science part, although they tried
(you even get to see a cladogram of dragons if you look close enough -
yes, they are monophyletic), was terrible.  (And they can fly because of
being filled with - well, you can guess, and guess how they spit fire.)

So switch of most of your scientific minds, concentrate on the imagery and 
you are in for a lot of fun.


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