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RE: The continued publication of trash

Christopher Taylor wrote:

I took a look at the sample pages available from
and found myself in something of a strange time-warp.
As for the figures - _Teratosaurus_ is used as one of the exemplars of a
carnivorous dinosaur [especially funny as the paragraph on prosauropods a
couple of pages earlier included a section on the re-identification of the
'carnivorous prosaropods'].

Even funnier is the accompanying figure (Fig. 85a-c) "Carnivorous dinosaur heads", showing the heads of _Teratosaurus_, _Allosaurus_ and _Tyrannosaurus_. They all look like sock puppets!

_Iguanodon_ has an entirely upright posture.

Don't you just love that "Fonzi" posture. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

My favorite drawing is the anorexic _Massospondylus_.