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Re: last rudists (was: Re: emus)

It took some time till I got the idea, and then some till my Internet connection worked again...

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ABSTRACT.-The large plagioptychid rudist bivalve Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) is recorded from the Guinea Corn Formation (Late Maastrichtian) of central Jamaica. ...'

Signor & Lipps at work again? <<

No, Zinsmeister.
Well, that's what I would call it. I believe it was Zinsmeister (et al.?) in a J. Paleont. paper about 1984/88 who first proposed that the KT mass extinction proceeded during the end-Cretaceous from the paleopolar regions towards the paleoequator. Thus ammonites became extinct in the Antarctic area some million years earlier than in the central Tethys.

How certain is Zinsmeister that the Signor-Lipps effect isn't the explanation for his observation of a gradual extinction on Seymour Island?