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Re: Jurassic Park 4

On Tuesday, February 8, 2005, at 12:39  PM, Filip Milovanovic wrote:

On Monday, February 07, 2005 8:18 PM, "Thomas de Wilde" <jedimr_thomas@hotmail.com> wrote:

Well, in JP3 they did make raptors superintelligent monsters that kill for no reason.
No they didn't. In JP3 the raptors only pursued the humans because their eggs had been stolen - how they accomplished this feat through varying terrains including water without being seen is . . . weird. In JP1 the raptors were superintelligent monsters that killed for no reason.

Who knows what to expect next. For the third movie they said something like: "Well, people already know there's a dinosaur island, so we don't really need a story.
Would be nice though.

We just need a few humans on the island, few "dinosaurs are chasing us" scenes, few new dinosaurs, one JP philosophy line in the script (the people who clone dinosaurs are bad, but dinosaurs are beautiful creatures --> a.k.a. "Doctor Grant, the astronauts are right."), and there - we can make money."

Sad, but so true. The biggest thing I hate about these movies is when a tyrannosaur/spinosaur chases the people, it's constantly roaring/bellowing. No predator AFAIK does this. Last I checked, they attempt to do ambush & pursue prey as silently as possible. And there's also the respiratory issues with exhaling large amounts of air while in high speed pursuit. NEways . . .