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RE: Jurassic Park 4

The Dinosaur Nexus had intelligent dinosaurs evolving from 'feathered
dromaeosaurs' (actually pretty cool considering it was published before

What about The Sound of Thunder movie, does that have intelligent dinosaurs?


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Concerning dinosaurs and science fiction: Is aynone here familiar with
Robert Sawyer's trilogy, the Quintaglio Ascention:  Far-Seer, Fossil Hunter,

Foreigner--about an extra terrestrial civiliaztion created by tyrannosaurs 
were removed to another planet by aliens and have evolved intellegence?

Now I write:

Oh yes, I have those too..sad to say I actually have all of Robert Sawyer's 
scifi novels. You cannot forget about that OTHER sentient dinosaur trilogy: 
Harry Harrison's Eden novels. Albeit my personal "favorite" is that episode
Star Trek Voyager that aired around the time that The Lost World was in 
theaters. A whole ship filled with sentient Parasaurolophus! What
imagination (i.e. 
inability to understand even basic scientific principles upon which to base
science fiction elements) those Trek writers have. Additionally at the same 
time there was a Star Trek Original Series novel released about the time
sentient raptors who try to go back in time and prevent the K/T extinction.
actually wasnt too bad comparatively.

Sentient alien dinosaurs also appeared in the novel Bone Wars..

Anyone know of any other sightings of sentient saurians?