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RE: Jurassic Park 4

> Anyone know of any other sightings of sentient saurians?

Barry Longyear's short story "The Homecoming", featuring intelligent 
saurornithoidids (that's "troodonts" for the newbies here)
returned after their 65 million sojourn through the Galaxy, surprised to 
discover that home is now inhabited by intelligent mammals.
At one point the humans and dinosaurs are discussing what creatures were our 
ancestors, and one of the dinos mentions "Oh, I
remember those. They tasted great!".

It's a nice short story, actually. Would never make it as a Hollywood movie or 
such as there is no great war, horror, or the like.

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> What about The Sound of Thunder movie, does that have intelligent dinosaurs?

Well, it doesn't seem to have intelligent scriptwriters... :-)

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