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RE: Citation for E. D. Cope as type of _H. sapiens_?

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> T. Michael Keesey
> I've read how, in 1993, Bakker proposed Cope's skull (?UPM ????) as
> the type specimen of _Homo sapiens_ Linnaeus 1758, and that the ICZN
> upheld it, but I can't seem to find any more detailed references.
> There's some discussion on the archives (including speculation that
> the skull is not Cope's), but does anyone know the actual reference?

A quick websearch shows that it is supposed to have been published in the (or 
a) Journal of the Wyoming Geological Society. I can't
find a journal by that name listed online, except in reference to this 
particular issue. There is a "Wyoming Historical and
Geological Society", but that is from the original (Pennsylvania region) 

I've never heard a formal mention of this being dealt with by the ICZN.

In any case, this is an amusing non-issue. I've never heard or seen any 
reference of a physical anthropologist, primatologist, or
other interested party taking this case seriously.

I note with irony the identity of the person on the Taxacom listserv who wrote 
"I still say following Bakker's argument is beneath
professional systematists." (see 

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