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Re: Jurassic Park 4: Electric Boogaloo

>>>Wolves form packs that cooperate in the hunt, as do lions. They don't just 
>>>go after the prey en masse, side-by-side - they take up positions, drive 
>>>their quarry to fellow predators, relieve one another when a chaser gets 
>>>tired, etc. Surely this involves higher social intelligence which tigers and 
>>>other loners don't need.<<<

To some degree you are right, especially in terms of the behavioral flexibility 
that such social groups display.  But Nile crocodiles have been reported to 
engage in what appears to be cooperative herding of fish schools towards 
ambushes by other crocs.  Although more steroetyped in their response, schools 
of fish exhibit excellent coordinaton of group movement, with even less 
intelligence than crocodillians have.  So while packs of non-avian theropods 
may not be expected to show the same level of behavioral plasticity that modern 
placental mammals display, the brain requirements for coordinated (if 
sterotyped) group behavior seems to be well within their grasp.

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