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Zdenek Burian would celebrate a 100 today

Good day,
just a little note. One of the best paleo-painters of all time, Zdenek Burian, 
would be a "hundred" today. He was born on February 11th, 1905 in Koprivnice 
(Northern Moravia, todays Czech republic). He made over 14 000 paintings during 
his succesful career. He didn't focus on primeval life only, but also painted 
motives from recent nature, various cultures, ancient civilizations, westerns 
etc. He already in around 1935 had a vision of agile, fast moving dinosaurs 
with un upright stance (as can be seen on a sketch  reconstruction of 
Torosaurus from that time). His paintings of a primeval life made during a 
cooperation with prof. Augusta are still the top of what can be achieved in 
this field. My father was born near Koprivnice and I spent there much time 
during my childhood. Unfortunately, I have never had luck to meet artist 
himself, as he died just a half year before I was born (1st July, 1981). He 
still remains one of our greatest painters of the modern era. Vlad     
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