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Re: mesosaurus

 *Mesosaurus* [...] (3) possesses the lower [temporal fenestra]
(non euyrapsid, non-anapsid, but oddly synapsid);

What? Really!?! -- Well, this could explain why some people have suddenly started considering the idea that the lower t. f. is an apomorphy of Amniota as a whole. ~:-|

Müller, in his PhD thesis, [...] used *Saurosternon,* a mesosaur,
and found it in a group with *Palaeagama*, and
they were grouped with *Coelurosauravus*:

You're confusing *Stereosternum* the mesosaur with *Saurosternon* the Triassic "lizard"/"eosuchian".

                   |  `--Drepanosauridae


                            `--+--Choristodera  <----
                                  |  `--+--Squamata
                                  |     `--Rhynchocephalia  <----

Lepidosauromorph turtles? Is this perhaps an artifact of the lack of anapsids in the analysis? Or what was the outgroup?