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Re: Jurassic Park 4: Electric Boogaloo

Original Message From: "Amtoine Grant" <ajgrant@eastlink.ca>
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 12:06 AM

> > Also, I must admit it seems a bit hard to imagine a T. rex as a
> > scavenging creature, for it is kind of odd that so powerful animal
> > with such a powerful jaws doesn't take the advantages of hunting. I
> > remember a TV programme (but not too well, it was some time ago –
> > which also means things changed since) in which a find of several
> > Giganotosaurs (or something like that) was featured in order to
> > support the theory that giant carnivores hunted in packs. Now, I know
> > Giganotosaurus is not exactly T. rex, but I remember they mentioned
> > something of a similar find of Tyrannosaurus, or (more probable), that
> > they were looking for such find. My point is, scavenging T. rex –
> > maybe true, maybe not.
> That's talked about in Extreme Dinosaurs: The Science of Giants, which
> is included on the Chased by Dinosaurs DVD. It examines the
> pack-hunting that would be necessary for Giganotosaurus ...

Now I remembered they used Allosaurus model from BBC's
Walking With Dinosaurs as Giganotosaurus (WWD-special featuring
Giganotosaurus didn't exist yet). They just changed its color to green.
(I'm doing some 3d modeling in my free time, so I can't help it not
to notice this kind of stuff...)