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RE: Citation for E. D. Cope as type of _H. sapiens_?

Hi All -

T. Michael wanted to know about Bakker's supposed neotyping _H. sapiens_ based on Cope. No, that was never published, other than the somewhat lengthy discussion in Psihoyos' book. However, what _was_ published was a nice little paper showing that even if Bakker _had_ wanted to do this, he couldn't because Stearn (1959) designated as the holotype for the species none other than the skeleton of Linnaeus (meaning that the holotype of _H. sapiens_ resides in Uppsala, Sweden). The paper is:

Spamer, E. E. 1999. Know thyself: responsible science and the lectotype of _Homo sapiens_ Linnaeus, 1758. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 149: 109-114.

As you can probably tell from the title, Spamer takes makes some relatively stong blows to Bakker's research ethics, as well as Psihoyos' overall ethics in publishing what he essentially considers tripe, albeit tripe with really great photographs.
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