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Re: Heyday Of The Giants

> The Cenomanian seems to have witnessed the largest sauropods, such as
> Argentinosaurus and Paralititan, perhaps also Bruhathkayosaurus and > others.
> Why did these giants appear around the mid Cretaceous? Because there was
> ample dry inland habitat? The Cenomanian transgression is said to have
> reduced the latter, to the detriment of sauropods in North America.

Bruhathkayosaurus is Maastrichtian.  Then there's the huge
Kimmeridgian-Tithonian Morrison diplodocids, and the large Early Jurassic
Moroccan femur and footprints...

The footprints from Morocco called *Breviparopus* are Middle Jurassic, aren't they?

The Cenomanian may well have been an interesting time for sauropods, but without a better Albian and Turonian record it's difficult to make comparisons.