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Bird analysis update: Data matrix online


Complete with character list, comments and stepmatrices. Naturally I would be grateful if anyone looked for mistakes in it or suggested more characters. (But don't feel obliged, nothing is in any way urgent!)

Character 67 is new (from the *Pedopenna* paper). Despite its textbook distribution (1 for short-tailed birds, *Archaeopteryx*, *Rahonavis*, *Shenzhouraptor* and *Jixiangornis*, 0 for the rest, including Scansoriopterygidae and *Yandangornis*), the long-tailed bird clade (excluding *Yandangornis*, but including Scansoriopterygidae, *Microraptor*, "basal Troodontidae" and even *Caudipteryx*) stays as strong as ever. That said, the strict consensus is still grass, even when the taxa most prone to jumping are deleted.