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RE: Raptor Red and Heyday Of The Giants

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> To quote from the piece: "Curiously out of place are the unnamed diplodocid
> (at least Bakker now recognizes that they did make it into the Cretaceous),"

This is a reference to comments in Dinosaur Heresies that diplodocoids ("tripodal sauropods") died out at the Jurassic.

Bakker was partly right (as opposed to completely wrong). It does appear that diplodocIDs died out at the end of the Jurassic - although diplodocOIDs continued on in the form of dicraeosaurids, rebbachisaurids, and (maybe) the rather large _Losillasaurus_ (age uncertain). As the Cretaceous wore on, even these rather conservative diplodocoids appear to have been nudged out by the burgeoning titanosaurs.

Please note, though: that review is TEN YEARS OLD!

I guess your crystal ball was on the fritz. Hopefully the problem has been rectified. Now, can you tell us when more _Deinocheirus_ material will be found. ;-)