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Re: Raptor Red and mesosaurus

pheret wrote:

i thought it was interesting, but i prefer his nonfiction.

What??!! Bakker writes "nonfiction" too? Since when?

isn't there a follow-up book?

"Raptor Beige." It's about Red's stay-at-home younger brother.

(There's also "Raptor Blue", targeted to older audiences.)

Jaime Headden wrote:

  Darren Naish had this rant (Rhynchocephalia-hatin') way back in 1997:

  "[...]Olivier Rieppel recently re-defined a Rhynchocephalia to include
   Sphenodontida/Sphenodontia and a related genus (dammit I've forgotten
   that name too..). No thanks. I've had it to here with rhychocephalians.
   If people see it used again, they will continue associating

I'm with Darren on this one. Rhynchocephalia needs to be cast out with the trash. There, it can join Thecodontia and Condylarthra. I wish Eosuchia and Pseudosuchia would be thrown out too, once and for all. But that's a rant for another time.