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Tarbosaurus at exhibition

Hi all,

I have a question, and it would be fantastic if there is someone out there who 
could help me. I've visited the "asian dinosaur exhibition" in 
Darmstadt/Germany some months ago. I think it was already touring through 
Australia, Kanada and the USA before. One of the fossils shown was a 
Tarbosaurus skull lying on the ground in a big piece of matrix. I've already 
seen that skull in some scientific books. My question is: Was that skull real 
or only a cast (I am nearly sure that it was real)?

Also there were two Tarbosaurus (now Tyrannosaurus) bataar skeletons shown. 
While the juvenile one was definetely a cast the bigger one seemed to be an 

Thank you very much in advance for some info about these exhibition "objects".

Greetings from Germany,