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Back on the DML again!

 Hello all

Just wanted to say hi to all my old DML buddies out there. I was a member from 96 to 2002. It worked at Disney Feature Animation during that time, so I had a permanent email address to get these posts. Reading the DML in the morning when I got to work was like my morning paper. After Disney I took a break from dinos on an 'academic' level because I had to concentrate on re-inventing myself as a freelance movie artist, and being know as the guy who only does dinosaurs was professional suicide. Of course I still drew dinosaurs and scultped many, but the DML often inspired me too much (if thats a bad thing) and my skills at drawing other things were slipping.
I'm looking forward to conectting with all of you again and meeting new members. I have a lot of catching up to do.

If any of you are interested in my work, you can go to www.krentzpresentz.com and check it out.

I'm back!

David Krentz