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Re: Tarbosaurus at exhibition


I saw the exhibition when it was in Braunschweig.

> I have a question, and it would be fantastic if there is someone out
> there who could help me. I've visited the "asian dinosaur exhibition" in
> Darmstadt/Germany some months ago. I think it was already touring
> through Australia, Kanada and the USA before. One of the fossils shown
> was a Tarbosaurus skull lying on the ground in a big piece of matrix.
> I've already seen that skull in some scientific books. My question is:
> Was that skull real or only a cast (I am nearly sure that it was real)?
So am I - unless my memory is totally clouded, it was an original.

> Also there were two Tarbosaurus (now Tyrannosaurus) bataar skeletons
> shown. While the juvenile one was definetely a cast the bigger one
> seemed to be an original.
I agree, although it contained lots of cast parts, some parts were 
original. - BTW, did they mount them as badly in Darmstadt as in 
Braunschweig? Here they had the scapula of the smaller T. bataar enclosed 
firmly by two ribs (moving the arms really must have hurt), whereas the 
bigger one not only had a totally dislocated hip (where the ischium was 
not attached to the illium at all) but also a misplaced fibula on one 
side of the leg. Not to mention one of the synapsids (forgot which one) 
where the foot was completely offset from the lower leg...



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