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Re: Raptor Red and Heyday Of The Giants

Mike Taylor wrote:

Regarding the name "Angloposeidon" -- I don't know how this got out,

I believe the pdf of the paper is actually named "Angloposeidon".

and it probably shouldn't be perpetuated.


It is empahatically not a
scientific name, just a nickname used for that particular specimen.

Yep, I tried to make this clear. It's a nice name though.

there's only one of it; someone, I forget who, has posited that four
vertebrae is the smallest nameable unit of sauropod material :-)

I'm going to disagree with you here Mike. :-) If ONE vertebra is distinctive enough, it can probably form the basis for a new genus or species - like _Borealosaurus_. Unfortunately, in the 19th and early 20th century way too many sauropods were named from single bones, and it's up to modern day paleontologists to sort out which names deserve to stay, and which names don't.