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Re: Tyrannosaur Evolution

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

>   In the east, latest Cretaceous animals include *Nodosaurus textilis,*
> *Dryptosaurus aquilunguis,* and *Hadrosaurus foulkii,* animals that are on
> the whole smaller than those in the west by the order of about 30%.

First, Nodosaurus is from Wyoming.  Second, it's from the Mid Cenomanian
Frontier Formation.  Hardly Eastern latest Cretaceous.  Was Hadrosaurus
foulkii smaller than Kritosaurus navajovius or K. notabilis?  The East had
huge Campanian hadrosaurs in any case, like Hypsibema crassicauda.

Mickey Mortimer
Undergraduate, Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington
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