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Re: Raptor Red and Heyday Of The Giants

Hi Mike

It's nice to see a DML thread swing toward sauropods, instead of being devoted to those groups that sauropods liked to step on.... ;-)

Yes indeed!  I half-tried to persuade Darren to formally name it so.
But deep in my heart, I knew he was right not to :-)

Yep, sad but true. Good call on Darren's part.

I now feel that
-poseidon should become the default prefix for brachiosaurids, just as
-mimus is for ornithomimids, -pelta is a ankylosaurs, etc.

I'm not sure about the "Poseidon" suffix. Firstly, I like "Titan" better as a suffix (_Giraffatitan_, _Lusititan_, _Gondwanatitan_, _Gobititan_, etc). Secondly, although the Greek god Poseidon was associated with earthquakes, he is more familiar as a sea deity - as the Greek equivalent of the Roman Neptune. People may get the wrong idea that sauropods were aquatic if they see all these sauropods named after "Poseidon". (I was going to entitle one of my DML messages "Sauroposeidon Adventure")

> [...] - like _Borealosaurus_.

I would consider that a fine example of a specimen that should _not_
have been named.

The type material of _Borealosaurus_ does have one unique character: the middle caudal has an opisthocoelous centrum. No other sauropod has this; even the strong opisthocoely of _Opisthocoelicaudia_'s caudals peter out by the middle of the tail.

As it happens, I've written a manuscript about the validity of _Titanosaurus indicus_ if you'd like to see it. (I say the species is valid based on caudal characters; but I don't refer _Antarctosaurus septentrionalis_ to it.)

... and to stop naming more of the buggers! :-)