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Re: The timing of stegosaur extinction

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:35:37 -0500 Allan Edels <edels@msn.com> writes:
> For some reason, 90% of the messages that I get from Joe arrive with 
> the 
> TRUNCATED message (as shown below), yet I notice that other people 
> seem to 
> be getting the actual message.
> I'm currently using Hotmail to read this (at home I use Hotmail and 
> Outlook 
> to view this).
> Also, some messages from Lawrence Dunn come throuigh this way.
> Are others having this problem?
> Thanks.
> Allan Edels

Juno e-mail users have this problem too.  Roughly 1/5 of my incoming
dinosaur list e-mail and vrtpaleo list e-mail contains only the error
message.  As one example, Dino George's e-mail to vrtpaleo has been
unreadable using my Juno software since around 2001!

Juno software will allow the user to export the message as a text file,
which *is* readable.  Unfortunately, it  requires the user to take a
couple extra steps, and with the volume of daily e-mail I receive, taking
that extra step is usually not worth the hassle.

For those list members who don't know how to strip-off binary and html
codes from their outgoing e-mail, the following web site should be of
help.  It covers all of the major e-mail software: