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Necrolestes (was Re: mesosaurus)

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

Burrowing lifestyles in some vertebrates, as in *Necrolestes* ("marsupial mole"),

.. not to be confused with _Notoryctes_, the modern marsupial mole of Australia. Necrolestids and notoryctids are not closely related, and the former are long-extinct. I'm not even sure that necrolestids are even considered marsupials by all researchers, though they are superficially mole-like.

Digging animals tend to be "mole-like" and show crooked arms,
short forelimbs with huge manus and claws, and giant olecranons. They've
appeared in marsupials, insectivorans, basal afrotheres, etc., and these
adaptations even occur in some edentates.

And in alvarezsaurids too. In this group, these fossorial features complement a very slender and cursorial body that is very un-mole-like.