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re: worm lizards and legless lizards

dp wrote:

the answer will not only affect the mesosaur question, but another one
         that recently came up about "worm lizaards" and "legless
lizards", which
         are all definitely lizards, but are they all related? Or does
         impose convergence?

D. Marjanovic wrote:

Which ones do you mean, amphisbaenians and anguids? They seem to be
rather distantly related... yes, burrowing does impose a lot of


I'm (PAUP) is having trouble finding distinguishing characters. I'm
looking for good data on this group, but considering their size, good
morph drawings are hard to come by, other than skulls, which all appear
to be similar posterior to the lacrimals and dissimilar anteriorly. I
already have refs for Sineoamphisbaena and Spathorhynchus.