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Re: Oops (was Re: Raptor Red and Heyday Of The Giants)

Mike Taylor wrote:

But we now know that caudals from a single individual titanosaur's
tail can exhibit a huge variety of morphologies: here I am thinking of
the specimen DGM 497-R, briefly described in:

        TROTTA, M. N. F.; CAMPOS, D. A. & KELLNER,
        A. W. A. 2002. Unusual caudal vertebral central of a
        titanosaurid (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the
        continental Upper Cretaceous of Brazil. Boletim do
        Museu Nacional, Geologia, 1-11.

(and, IIRC, subsequently named, but I don't remember what as.)

I don't think this sauropod (from the Bauru Group) was actually named. Another titanosaur that shows a variety of different kinds of caudals was named. This is _Rinconsaurus caudamirus_.