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Re: Necrolestes (was Re: mesosaurus)

K and T Dykes wrote:

For what it's worth, I've got an entry for Necrolestes, and the main part


Further skulls, jaws and pieces of skeleton were collected by Hatcher, and
were then described by Scott in 1905. He (erroneously) cancelled marsupial
affinities and sought to ally the animal with the golden moles of South
Africa. There are similarities, but these appear to be the results of
similar lifestyles.

The similarities between chrysochlorids and necrolestids lie not only in overall morphology (i.e., "mole-like" face and body), but also in the dentition. The two groups have strikingly similar teeth (including the "triangular crowns", which you mention for _Necrolestes_). As you say, this could be due to similar lifestyles. Most authors favor ameridelphian/sparassodont affinities for _Necrolestes_.

Thanks for the info.