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Re: Predatory dinosaurs of Baltimore - the real raptor red

In a message dated 2/15/2005 4:01:31 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
GSP1954@aol.com writes:
<< Not sure what kind of hawk it  was. It was fairly large, the size of a big 
crow. Maybe too big for a pigeon  hawk, have seen one around here for years. 
dull brown uppersides, off  white underneath. Wonder if it was a fully grown 
juvenile.  >>
My best guess would be a Red-tail. They are very  common here in the East and 
have become rather fearless since they are no longer  shot on sight. There is 
wide variation in plumages through ontogeny. Cooper's  hawks have become very 
common, also, but are more likely to prey on other birds.  As a bird guide, 
_The Sibley Guide to Birds_has no equal for here in the States,  and it's very 
helpful with juvenile plumages. DV