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Re: Australian museum drops bid to clone extinct Tasmanian "tiger"

Tim Williams wrote:
> Dann Pigdon wrote:

> >According to the 50 year rule, giant pandas were once extinct too.
> Ah, but China is a lot bigger than little Tazzie.

...but there are a lot more people about. :)

The giant panda was unknown to western science until 1869. The one
animal captured proved too agressive and 'had' to be killed. It wasn't
until 1929 that another one was captured (although spodaric and
unconfirmed sightings were made before then).

According to the 50 year rule the giant panda was declared extinct at
one point, despite numerous unconfirmed sightings. Although with the
Thylacine it's been 70 years (ten more than the pandas managed to hide).


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