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New chasmosaurine paper

In today's Journal of Paleontology:

Diem, S., & J. D. Archibald. 2005. Range extension of southern chasmosaurine
ceratopsian dinosaurs into northwestern Colorado. Journal of Paleontology 79
(2): 251-258.

First paragraph (no abstract): "THE WILLIAMS Fork Formation preserves a
diverse dinosaur fauna containing at least nine saurischian and five
ornithischian species. Among the dinosaur specimens recovered is a partial
ceratopsian skull (SDMNH 43470) referable to the ceratopsid subfamily
Chasmosaurinae (Diem, 1999). Chasmosaurines, or long-frilled ceratopsians,
existed throughout western North America during the Campanian and
Maastrichtian (Judithian, Edmontonian, and Lancian). Recent discoveries have
renewed debate over the phylogenetic relationships and biogeographic history
among the chasmosaurines (Forster et al., 1993; Lehman, 1996; Holmes et al.,

The skull is not identified to genus and species, but is identified as
within the _Chasmosaurus_ + _Pentaceratops_ clade.


        Christopher Taylor