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Truncated error messages one more public time...

Brian Choo claimed:

> Me too (I use macintosh Mail v1.3.9) - it is perplexing to see half
> a thread composed of "-REMAINDER OF MESSAGE TRUNCATED-" notices.

Because of this, I added a couple of examples to show people that the
"MESSAGE TRUNCATED" error message isn't necessarily permanent.  With
one stroke of three keys (command-option-p), Brian could see the text
in all of those TRUNCATED messages that included text.  Look again at:


to see my screens for the most recent truncated message I received.  I
also include instructions for Pine.  If you'd like to share
information about how to see the plain text from other software
packages, please feel free to send me instructions (with captured
screen images if you know how to do that).

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)