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Re: The timing of stegosaur extinction

M. Mortimer and D. Marjanovic wrote:

> > SA: Early Cretaceous only. (The one fossil is still unnamed.)
> Barremian, La Amarga Formation (Argentina), Stegosauria indet..

Also Moreno et al. (2000) mentioned, along with theropod, ornithopod and
sauropod trackways, probable stegosaurid trackways, but the identification,
as the authors say, is doubtful. The trackways come from the Chacarilla
Formation, Late Jurassic-?Early Cretaceous of Chile.

Moreno, K.; Rubilar, D. & Blanco, N. 2000. Icnitas de dinosaurios de la
Formación Chacarilla. I y II Región. Norte de Chile. Actas XVI Jornadas
Argentinas de Paleontología de Vertebrados, San Luis.

Matías Soto