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Re: The timing of stegosaur extinction

Tim Donovan wrote-

> > Lucas and Estep (1998) say "key taxa of
> biochronological value" for
> > Tsagantsabian age are Prodeinodon, Asiatosaurus,
> Psittacosaurus and
> > Dsungaripterus.  But both Prodeinodon and
> Asiatosaurus are currently
> > indeterminate, so no remains besides the Huhteeg
> Svita holotypes can be
> > referred to them.  Psittacosaurus is said to also
> be in the younger
> > Khukhtekian sediments,

 Dsungaripterus is also known from the Wuerhosaurus
bearing upper Tugulu group. Those beds are considered
the equivalent of Tsagantsabian beds in Mongolia based
on fossils.

So where else is Dsungaripterus known from besides the Tugulu Group?
And which fossils are used to show equivalence of the Tugulu Group with the Tsagantsav Svita of Mongolia?

K-Ar dating etc indicates a
Berriasian-Valanginian age for the Mongolian beds.

Berriasian-Aptian, according to dates in Shuvalov (2000) for the Tsagantsav Svita. Not very precise...

 IIRC K. Carpenter mentioned a new, Aptian age for the
Yellow Cat onlist.

Where? A search for "Carpenter" "Aptian" Yellow Cat" came up with no relevent posts.