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Re: Tyrannosaur Evolution

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> > Btw, Tsintaosaurus may be dominant at Laiyang.
> I thought only one or two specimens were known?

 At least three and indeterminate lambeosaur remains,
which might be it. Tanius is rarer and AFAIK there's
no other hadrosaur genus. But that was just a

> > If it is a parasaurolophine, the apparently
> Djadokhtan or
> > Campanian beds there may have a faunal composition
> > quite similar to Jiayin. I think that is
> consistent
> > with a preNemegtian age for the latter. Jiayin may
> be
> > younger than Laiyang but not by very much-maybe
> > basal/early Maastrichtian.
> To me this looks like a pyramid of weakly supported
> hypotheses.

 Maybe, but for reasons I've given, the age commonly
given for the Udurchukan is open to doubt. 

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