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RE: Now online: Critique of Benton's (2000) "critique" of the PhyloCode

Yixianornis does have an 'ornithurine'-style pygostyle (SVP 2002?), so your Ornithurae2 should be put a node further down the tree.
Ornithuromorpha is defined to include Patagopteryx AND Vorona, so should be a node further down. Hmm. If Vorona ends up being a basal enantiornithine (as suggested by some of Clarke's trees when Liaoningornis is included), this could be problematic.

Thanks for using the phylogeny on my website, but it's not based on the results of my analysis (well, the latter certainly influences it, but there are a lot of things in my tree which PAUP hasn't found from my matrix yet- monophyletic Enantiornithes and Yanornithidae, etc.).

Besides these minor quibbles, good critique.

Mickey Mortimer